Saturday, August 2, 2008

Full Night Sleep

So I have been back at work now for about a month and last weekend July 25, Noah slept 7 hours in his crib for the first time ever and for the rest of the weekend he slept 10 hours a night! Way to go Daddy! It is really strange getting uninterupted sleep. Praise the Lord. So Noah is just all smiles and laughs and reminds me of Jamie alot. He is pretty kick back as long as we are holding him. He loves the baths, but unlike Paige, when she would get in she would move and laugh and kick, he just becomes really tranquil and relaxed just like dad. Paige is getting more and more attached to him, if that is possible. She won't even go to other's houses to play because she doesn't want to leave Noah. So sweet. Gma bought her a tent and so she has been sleeping in that every night. I tried to sleep in it one night with her, made it until 3am but then started getting really uncomfortable since the tent is only about 4ftx4ft. Jamie and I are thinking about our 5 year anniversary and what we are going to do...Jamie is going to plan this one! I will keep you posted.

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