Sunday, September 28, 2008


I don't think that Noah has ever had a bath where he was in it alone. Either I am in it with him, Paige is in it with him, or all three of us are in there playing. He is so relaxed during bath time. when we wash his hair or even his face he just closes his eyes and no fussing or anything. Complete trust and submission. I love this bath seat by the way! He is 5mths here.

In August, Nick Holcroft got married so Jamie and I actually got to get all dressed up without the bambinos and go together. It was really great to see everyone, and have some adult time as a couple. Although, I kinda wish we would have had the kids there. I always do...

Thundermountain Line

The guide said that this is the smallest natural tunnel in width, in the entire U.S.A.

Daddy and Paige enjoying the sun and some snacks!

Thundermountain line

Papa took us all on our first train ride out together. He bought us all matching conductor hats too. Paige loves trains so she enjoyed that and the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the historic lessons. Oh plus we got mooned about 4 times and flashed some by 2 women. Never a dull moment that is for sure! Definitely recommend this though. There are snacks and wine and a great informative booklet and what a great way to spend a Saturday in the summer.

Western Idaho Fair 2008

Papa took us! Paige had so much fun. For the first time, she wanted to go on all the rides herself, 10 rides, and then she wanted to go on a scary roller coaster with me. Oh we are going to have so much fun in the upcoming years.

As you can see, Noah got his first horseback ride and all he was interested in doing was pulling the mane and kicking the pony's neck. Paige thought it was hilarious. Noah just chilled the entire time in his stroller and watched everything go by.
Noah at 4months here and you can see that he is all smiles and Miss Paige just
absolutely adores him. She is asking if he can sleep with her now, and she has become quite proud and confident to hold him.

She cuddles him constantly. She is able to make him laugh harder than anyone. He watches everything she does. In fact for me to even nurse him, I nearly have to have Paige be in a different room because all he wants to do is watch her. So sweet. He is definitely in the heat of teething. Droolin boy and butterball seem to be some most recent nick names.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Full Night Sleep

So I have been back at work now for about a month and last weekend July 25, Noah slept 7 hours in his crib for the first time ever and for the rest of the weekend he slept 10 hours a night! Way to go Daddy! It is really strange getting uninterupted sleep. Praise the Lord. So Noah is just all smiles and laughs and reminds me of Jamie alot. He is pretty kick back as long as we are holding him. He loves the baths, but unlike Paige, when she would get in she would move and laugh and kick, he just becomes really tranquil and relaxed just like dad. Paige is getting more and more attached to him, if that is possible. She won't even go to other's houses to play because she doesn't want to leave Noah. So sweet. Gma bought her a tent and so she has been sleeping in that every night. I tried to sleep in it one night with her, made it until 3am but then started getting really uncomfortable since the tent is only about 4ftx4ft. Jamie and I are thinking about our 5 year anniversary and what we are going to do...Jamie is going to plan this one! I will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

wow I can't believe it has been so long since I have updated. I just returned to work on the 11th of July and that has certainly been bittersweet. I love my job, but leaving both kids is tough. Of course it is harder on me then the kids I think. Jamie is doing awesome with them, getting some good daddy time and making their own routines now.

We have been boating in Cascade and spent some time at Nick W. cabin. We spent the 4th in McCall with our friends Steve and Jill and her kids in a really quaint little cottage. The fireworks on the lake were beautiful. Paige covered Noah's ears when they got loud. Such a great big sis.

I have started biking with Noah in the back of me in a seat and that is so much fun. He loves it and Paige loves to ride her "big girl bike" now. This morning she put on her "running shoes" and ran in between mailboxes(about 100yards) about 6 times. She said " I am going for a run now." Monkey see, monkey doo....

Noah is 4 months now, 16lbs, rolling a bit and laughing when I snort and nibble at his under chin by his ears. Still waiting for that bust out belly laugh though. That is my favorite. He is a real turkey at night still. He seems to do better when I am not here though. Go figure. Daddy is so good.

Paige is getting ready to start school and she is practicing raising her hand, writing her letters and identifying numbers constantly. She tells a lot of stories about her teacher and her friends from work. Lately she has been putting her baby dolls under her shirt and then going and having them on her bed. She is so attentive to them. She has got breastfeeding down to a science. Hehe.

Jamie is loving his job, it seems more and more each day. Such a blessing. I love seeing him so motivated and so passionate. My business man! Working hard for the family. His last semester of school starts in August and well it is going to really stretch us. But we can do this for 4 more months. Yeha! We are so proud of him.

Well it is aobut 5am and I need to get some rest. Talk to you all soon.